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PLEYVERSE Summer Symposium.
Digital Twin for Predictive Oncology

20 May 2023
17 June 2023

Highlight on Cancer Patient Digital Twin 

Symposium offers 5.0 contact hours
20 May 2023
08:00 am

Cancer Patients  Digital Twin offers the possibility for patient-tailored models incorporating multi-omic, clinical, environmental, and social data that can evaluate and predict the most effective prevention and therapeutic plans. Precision medicine and individualized research have improved through the possibility of virtual twins.  Applying the power of extreme computing, big-data analysis, and life-science wealth of experience to make possible, simulation of human biology and within the framework bring into reality the promise of predictive oncology guiding clinical care of patients.
This symposium examines advances in predictive oncology and computing as critical components to achieving the reality of a cancer patient digital twin (CPDT) for innovative cancer care. 

The Conference

Target Audience

This educational activity has been designed to meet the educational needs of physicians, physician associates, advanced nurse practitioners, and nurses.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review advances in computational pathology and predictive oncology

  • Discuss and explore collaboration opportunities on the evolution of  predictive cancer patient digital twins:

  • Review new discoveries in genetics and genomic science, oncological science, and clinical and translational research

  • Review new techniques in molecular and radiological imaging and pathology informatics

  • Discuss cutting-edge computational techniques in predictive analytics for cancer, including supercomputing technologies developed through the NCI-DOE collaboration, Joint Design of Advanced Computing Solutions for Cancer (JDACS4C) and related joint efforts



PLEYVERSE HEALTH is building bridges across disciplines, communities, and interests to address the new advances in patient impact to reduce the translational gap and its impact. PLEYVERSE Health platform is utilizing web 3 technologies to close gaps in key areas including technology, education, regulation, social acceptance, and workforce capabilities that limit advances in research and computing. The event focuses on technological, social, and economic innovations and disruptions on the horizon that affect the frontiers of healthcare research and computing.
The goal of PLEYVERSE HEALTH is to continue to use technological advancement to deliver a web3 event platform that brings together healthcare providers and other stakeholders to facilitate useful discussions about advancing knowledge and eliminating the translational gap. 








Invited Speakers

  • Dr. Caroline Chung (VP, Chief Data Officer & Assoc Prof Radiation Oncology & Radiology, MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  • Dr. Steve Hahn (CEO, Harbinger Health)

  • Dr. Koen Kas (CEO, Healthskouts)

  • Dr. Eric Stahlberg (Director, Strategic and Data Science Initiatives Fredrick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)

  • Dr. Tina Hernadez (Department of Medicine, Standford University)

  • Dr. Emily Greenspan (Program Director, Fredrick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)

  • Dr. Anobel Odisho (Department of Urology, University of California, San Francisco)

  • Dr. James Doroshow (Deputy Director at National Cancer Insitute, and Director Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis)

  • Dr. Yvonne Evrard (Operations Manager, Fredrick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)


We are partnering with organizations in the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, and medical centers, information technology organizations and other organizations that share the same vision and goals.
Past Events


Upcoming Events

  • Digital Twin for Predictive Oncology
    Sat, May 20
    Marriot Hotel (TMC Houston)
    May 20, 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Marriot Hotel (TMC Houston) , 6580 Fannin Street, Houston, TX 77030
  • Digital Twin for Predictive Oncology Dallas
    Sat, Jun 17
    DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
    Jun 17, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Dallas, 8250 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75206, USA
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